London, 1888 

He comes out of the darkness and fog and strikes! Soon, the  world will learn of Jack the Ripper and his bloody crimes. On the brink  of suicide, young Albert Besame meets Arthur Machen, a writer whose  tales of terror will one day make him the leader of the ‘Decadent’  literary movement but who also has a strange, unknown connection to  Saucy Jack. Albert is unwillingly drawn into the investigation of the  murders and crosses paths with Inspector Abbeline, Sir William Withey  Gull, Walter Sickert, Richard Mansfield and many others. As Albert and  Machen follow the trail of the Ripper through the bowels of Whitechapel  and beyond, Albert is haunted by one singular fear; Is Arthur Machen  really Jack the Ripper himself? To solve that question, Albert Besame  will risk his life and soul as well as his beloved no matter where the  investigation takes him even if it is to the very Gates of Hell itself! 


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Author's Bio

SAM GAFFORD has been researching Arthur Machen and the Jack the Ripper case for over a decade. WHITECHAPEL combines these two worlds in an intriguing and exciting narrative unlike anything written before. Gafford also wrote THE HOUSE OF NODENS (a Lovecraftian horror novel) and co-created SOME NOTES ON A NON ENTITY: THE LIFE OF H.P. LOVECRAFT (a graphic novel biography of HPL) with Jason Eckhardt. He is currently working on a critical biography of pioneering science fiction writer William Hope Hodgson.