Glory days in golden haze

Down the slumbering steps I creep

Skin and bones and flesh they raise

Rains of death, the spell we keep

And time forgets me as I sleep…

And time forgets me as I weep…

An aspiring rock star enters into an ominous dreamscape known as the Afterworld and strikes up a Faustian bargain with The Visitor.

Includes an excerpt from ANONYMA


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Author's Bio

Farah Rose Smith is a poet, fiction writer, musician, and artist. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Walk on the Weird Side (LASC Press) and Tragedy Queens (CLASH Books). She is the founder and editor of Mantid Magazine, a publication promoting women and diverse writers in Weird Fiction, and also the founder of Grimoire Pictures, a small art film company. She has won film awards including Best Short Screenplay (Rapture, 2016) at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and Best Experimental Film (The Atrocity Shoppe, 2015) at the Shawna Shea Film Festival.