The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies

 The third issue of SARGASSO: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies  is now available. This issue includes more articles about Hodgson's  life and work as well as fiction, poetry and art inspired by this  legendary writer. Contents include: “A Particular Phase of Constructive  Thought: Hodgson’s Theory of Novels” by Joseph Hinton “Utter Quiet in  All the Land: A Recurring Motif” by Ryan Jefferson “The House on the  Borderland: The Ultimate Horror Novel” by Liam Garriock “Ye Hogge”:  Liminality and the Motif of the Monstrous Pig in Hodgson’s “The Hog” and  The House on the Borderland” By Leigh Blackmore “The House on the  Burren: The Physical and Psychological Foundations of The House on the  Borderland” by Joseph Hinton “Terminal Eden: The Last Redoubt and the  Closure of History” by Brett Davidson “The Beautiful Mirdath” By Charles  Danny Lovecraft “From a Mariner on the Glen Carrig” “Night Land—And  What I Saw” by Charles Lovecraft “Corpse-Light” by Josh Reynolds “A  Hideous Communion” by James Gracey