The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies

 The second issue of SARGASSO: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson  Studies is now available. This issue includes more articles about  Hodgson's life and work as well as fiction, poetry and art inspired by  this legendary writer. Contents include:
“Under the Skin: A Profile of William Hope Hodgson” by Jane Frank

“Carnacki Pastiche: A Bibliography” by James Bojaciuk

“Contemporary Views: Pieces on William Hope Hodgson from the Idler and the Bookman” by Phillip A. Ellis

“A Home on the Borderland: William Hope Hodgson and Borth” by Mark Valentine

“A Concluding Oink: An Abnormal Flight of Fancy” by James Bojaciuk

“Foreshadowing Carnacki: Algernon Blackwood’s ‘Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House” by Joseph Hinton

“Dust and Atoms: The Influence of William Hope Hodgson on Clark Ashton Smith” by Scott Connors

“Dead Seamen Gone in Search of the Same Landfall” by Phillip A. Ellis

“House on the Borderland I & II” by Charles Lovecraft

“Come, Dream of the Ocean” by Phillip A. Ellis

“Ocean Rain” by Phillip A. Ellis

“The Devil Mists, What Do They Hide?” by Charles Lovecraft

“Coral Seas” by Phillip A. Ellis

“The Burning Ship” by Phillip A. Ellis

“And the Worried Waters Laughed” by Charles Lovecraft

“Low the Ascomycotan Sky” by Deborah Walker

“The Flames of the Drakkar” by John B. Ford

“After ‘The Voice in the Night’” by Laurie Needell

“The Shop on the Borderland” by Robb Borders
With  full color cover and back cover by Robert H. Knox.