Enter the dark world of the occult detective, where heroes and fools  risk their lives facing strange, occult and supernatural phenomena.  OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY's second issue offers you a wealth of new  fiction from some of the best creators, with award-winning talent on  both the writing and illustration sides. Horror, crime - and punishment.  Meet a demon-marked girl, a native American cop, an occult adventurer  between the wars, and a psychologist who already knows the Dark. Or  explore Edwardian Paris, visit haunted Scotland, and have a worrying  trip into the back-street markets of sixties Hong Kong. The classic  occult detective Carnacki makes an appearance, as does a hoodoo PI in  Harlem – nine original stories by Tim Waggoner, Steve Liskow, Tricia  Owens, Edward M Erdelac, Brandon Barrows, Kelly A Harmon, Joshua M  Reynolds, Mike Chinn, and Bruno Lombardi. Plus detailed reviews, and  features on John Constantine and Occult Physicians.