A Collection of Essays by Sam Gafford

 William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) wrote many classic of supernatural  horror including THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND, THE NIGHT LAND, "The Voice  in the Night", "From the Tideless Sea" as well as creating CARNACKI,  THE GHOST-FINDER. Since 1992, Sam Gafford has been at the fore-front of  Hodgson criticism and scholarship. This book combines several of his  most important essays along with newer articles about Hodgson's life and  work. Included here is the ground-breaking essay, "Writing Backwards:  The Novels of William Hope Hodgson" that led to a completely new  evaluation of Hodgson's novels with the revolutionary claim that THE  NIGHT LAND was actually the FIRST novel that Hodgson ever wrote! An  in-depth investigation of Hodgson's infamous with Harry Houdini in 1902  is the subject of "Houdini v Hodgson: The Blackburn Challenge". This  collection provides a foundation for further criticism and study of  Hodgson's life and career.