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 One of the most popular and enduring characters created by H. P.  Lovecraft is the mad artist, Richard Upton Pickman. Introduced in the  short story, “Pickman’s Model”, Pickman made another appearance in  Lovecraft’s fantasy novel, THE DREAM-QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH but was  that the end of Pickman’s story? What untold horrors awaited? In this  brand new collection of seventeen stories, some of weird fiction’s best  authors present their versions of Pickman’s life and after-life. Join  Peter Rawlik, Paul McNamee, Joshua Reynolds, Robert Price and more in  this excursion into the dark side of art. Once you visit Pickman’s  Gallery, you will never see the world the same way again! 


An anthology of ALL-NEW Sword & Sorcery Tales!

 Come back to those mist-shrouded days of yesteryear when the land shook  under the tread of barbarians, wizards and monsters! Join such legends  as Lin Carter's legendary Thongor in a new tale of mighty deeds and  fearless swords. Thrill to new characters who take up the bloody axe of  war and adventure like Charles R. Rutledge's ageless Kharrn and Adrian  Cole's Elak of Atlantis while discovering new characters destined to  carve their names in bloody history. None can stand before them for they  are THE MIGHTY WARRIORS! 

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